Carve Between the Lines is an artist run studio/gallery/and classroom space that focuses on the relief printmaking processes. It is headquatered at The Dungeon, a non profit space located in the Walker's Point Neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Printing relief on paper originated in China around the year 105 AD, however printing relief blocks on textiles as a decorative pattern is much older. Woodcut printmaking began in 9th century China and spread to Europe in the 14th century.

As a student, you are the bridge between the old and new- you as a human in the modern world, full of your own experiences, viewpoints, and ideas. By making prints one learns about themselves as much as they do the medium. It is healthy to try new things and express oneself artistically, and by making multiples one can say prints are meant to be shared.

It is our goal to:

  •  Build a community of relief print-makers to share knowledge and advice about the medium,
  • Provide support for print-makers, encourage collaboration and a free-flow of information,
  • Provide practical means like a space to work in, supplies and equipment, and gallery space to display work for sale.

In my personal art practice...

To: Readers From: Natalie Ricciardi

I carve to find some peace from the rage that comes with living. 1,000,001 things inspire me to create but mostly time spent in the forest, old monsters and myths, the divine feminine, and Slayer. Making woodcuts is my channeling of pain, vulnerability, and despair into something intensely joyful instead of internalizing the maelstrom. As a modern print-maker, I strive to be conscientious with my materials and use modern knowledge and technology to be as resourceful and efficient as possible. There is something magical about teaching- it helps me keep a Beginners Mind.

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