Carve Between the Lines is a relief printmaking workshop run by Natalie Ricciardi, 2017 alumna of the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design with a BFA in Printmaking. Her current bliss stems from carving and pulling relief prints by hand, forest bathing, traveling to distant lands, and cooking delicious things. She is the curator of The Dungeon’s dark art gallery.

Currently The Dungeon’s classroom and studio space is being refurbished through the winter and spring months.

It is our long term goal at The Dungeon to:

  • Build a community of relief print-makers to share knowledge and advice about the medium,

  • Provide support for print-makers, encourage collaboration and a free-flow of information,

  • Provide practical means like a space to work in, supplies and equipment, and gallery space to display work for sale for local artists and makers.


In my personal art practice...

To: Readers From: Natalie Ricciardi

Born, raised, currently living and working in Milwaukee I often find myself depressed and ground down from living like a canned anchovy. I yearn for the seclusion of the northern forests. My time immersed in Nature awakens my imagination as well as old monsters and myths, the divine feminine, and Slayer. Carving is my catharsis.

As a modern print-maker, I strive to be conscientious with my materials and use modern knowledge and technology to be as resourceful and efficient as possible. There is something magical about teaching- it helps me keep a Beginners Mind.

To view my works for sale please visit my Etsy store

To view my gallery of works in various stages of done-ness click one of the pictures below or follow my personal instagram ☛carveyourheartout